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Ruth Cowin - Author

Ruth's book focuses on the life and motorcycle exploits of her grandfather, Tom Sheard, who was the first Manxman to win the Island's famour TT Races in 1922, repeating his victory in 1923.

The story of Tom Sheard's thirst for victory is not only a loving personal history packed with anecdotes and family photographs, but also a fascinating account of the formative years of the TT.  Greulling physical conditions - 'uneven tracks, oil, mud and stones...' - are described in detail alongside observations such as how motorcyclists 'had to remove one hand from the handlebars to change gear'!

The TT of yesteryear is brilliantly captured in one small book, conveying all of the enthusiasm and camaraderie that still marks this unique event.  For anyone interested in Manx motorcycle or social history,

Ruth Cowin's tribute to her daring grandfather makes an ideal gift and is available for purchase at the MostlyManx shop in Douglas.