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Little Tree Soaps - Manx Soapmaker

Tracey, creator of Little Tree Soaps was brought up here on the Island in Onchan, leaving to attend University in England where she started her career. In 2004 she returned to the island and now lives in Marown with her husband and two children. Her passion for soap-making began when she happened across a magazine article about hand-made soap. Having grown-up in the era where soap was purported to be harsh for your skin she was amazed to learn that oils and botanicals can make a skin-loving, moisturising soap.

She makes all her soaps and bathbombs by hand in her little soap room at home.  Why does she do it? Because she’s passionate about soap that’s super kind to skin, and because she loves creating unique products that people keep coming back for. She makes soap in two ways. Cold-process soap, which is fluid when it’s put in the mould so it’s great for intricate designs and swirls.  Hot-process soap is cooked fully before it’s put in the mould. Her soaps made by this method have the distinctive molten lava-look tops. Her secret recipes use pure Manxheegoats’ milk, natural oils, nourishing butters and beautiful botanicals. Each bar is a little piece of joy – and her gift boxes with hand-tied ribbon are perfect for a whole range of occasions. If you’d like a bespoke box, she’d love to put one together for you. Send her a message at any of the below or pop and see her at IOM Food Assembly at Noa Bakehouse.


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