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Tanya Anderson - Lovely Greens - Handmade Bath & Beauty



Originally American, Tanya from Lovely Greens moved to the Isle of Man in early 2010 and quickly signed up for an allotment, started beekeeping, and began using home grown herbs and beeswax to make natural beauty products. Before long she was hooked on making cold-process soap and experimenting with using natural colours, herbs, and essential oils in the recipes. It’s amazing what you can create using the palette and scents given to us by nature.

Since then Lovely Greens' line has expanded to include handmade soap, Manx Beeswax lip balm, Manx Beeswax body balms, soy wax candles, and bath products. Many of these are placed in natural gift boxes and are available online and in shops on a seasonal basis. Tanya also offers lessons on how to make handmade soap and you can find out more information on her website

Her philosophy is simple – pure and natural personal care products are great for your skin and the environment. Making and presenting them in a beautiful way makes them even more of a joy to use and I ensure that every product that I make reflects the idea of both ‘Lovely’ and ‘Greens’.


Tanya Anderson

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