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David Robinson - Mannbiltong

Biltong is a simple but wonderful food comprising of dried meat flavoured with herbs and spices. Mannbiltong's version of this South African delicacy is made by using only the very best quality Manx topside of beef, carefully cut into strips and dried in a temperature and air controlled stainless steel Biltong cabinet. It is then vacuum packed to keep all the wonderful flavours inside. 


David's chosen route when he started the business seven years ago was to use what he describes as "the best beef in the world" (insisiting that if it is not Manx he will not use it) and marinating it with imported spices from South Africa in order to keep with the authenticity of the product. Using Kim's special recipes, what they have together managed to achieve is a Biltong often complimented by South African's on the island as being even better than that back home!


This high protein snack is available from Mannbiltong's website in four delicious flavours:

* Original


* Garlic

* Chilli

Billtong sticks are also available. 

You can also check out Mannbiltong's Facebook page for inspirational Biltong recipes!