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Yvonne Smallwood - Sunset Candle Company

Yvonne has always been interested in art and crafts and uses her talents in both silk painting and pencil sketching, with a particular leaning towards fairies, dragons and botanical illustrations. But it was while living in South West Wales that her love of candles came to the fore and she began making candles as a hobby.

On moving to the Island Yvonne found that many shop-bought scented candles did not always have the scent “throw” promised on the labels and she was inspired to start making candles again. A couple of years ago she became fully committed to making beautiful, hand-made candles imbued with distinctive, heavenly scents. All her candles also come with three or four stunning glass beads attached which may be removed and kept for their ornamental value.

A range of Yvonne’s candles can be seen, purchased (and smelt!) at the MostlyManx shop in Douglas.